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Staff List

Leadership and Management Team Staff Member
Co-Headteacher  Carrie Christer (Mon-Wed)
Co-Headteacher Claire Regnard (Wed-Fri)
Deputy Headteacher Charlotte Taylor
Inclusion Manager (3 days) Anne Beaty
Acting Assistant Headteacher Charley Reynolds
School Business Leader Sarah Conway                        


Non-Class Based Staff Staff Member
School Office Lead Bernice Jackson
School Business Assistant Emma Hearne
Office and Communications Assistant Natasha Money
Administrative Assistant Kelly Owen
Caretaker Roy Carpenter
Breakfast Club Internal Staff
Lunchtime Supervisors Jean Thomas
Year Class Teacher
Reception                     Wrens                                   Amy Halpin & Jenny Butterfield (1 day)
  Robins Daniel Welch
Year 1 Swifts Charlotte Taylor
  Sparrows Geoff Green
Year 2 Blackbirds Aimee Harvey (4 days) Laura Fry (1 day)
  Bullfinches Philippa Cross 
  Blue Jays Becca Rose
Year 3 Kites Matt Baker
  Kestrels Katie Piggott
Year 4 Harriers Yasmin Ghani
  Hawks Liam Inker
Year 5 Owls Ellie Dawkes
  Ospreys Kerry Patel
Year 6 Falcons Hannah Hilton
  Eagles Charley Reynolds
Additional Teachers   Claire McLean (2 days) , Christie Cartwright (on Maternity leave)
Support Staff    Tina Young            Pat Eldridge
  Lisa Bloomfield Amanda Oddy                                 
  Cerrie Melham Sam Bell
  Kathy Veysey Bekah Roberts
  Sarah Mountain Alexi Rea
  Claire Blundell Jane Peyton
  Charlene Lilley Anyka Hooper
  Lynette Mayer Finlay McDougall