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Curriculum Overview

The Salfords' Curriculum

The curriculum at Salfords is carefully designed and planned by our teachers to provide opportunities for all children to be their best. We strive to provide a curriculum that is engaging, fun and purposeful yet tailored to our pupils' interests and needs. Because of this we design each topic and area of learning based around what the children would like to know, whilst following the National Curriculum and our supporting set of, subject specific, key skills. 

Specifically in writing, we follow Pie Corbett's Talk4Writing approach which is designed to allow children to orally rehearse what they are going to write before committing to paper. Talk4Writing allows children to imitate any given text type, then teaches them how to innovate upon the structure before, finally, independently applying the skills they have learnt. 

To teach reading, we follow the Read Write Inc. phonics scheme in order to provide our children with a strong phonological awareness. This also allows us to teach, at an appropriate level, the early stages of reading comprehension. We then move to whole class, taught, reading sessions using the DERIC approach. This allows teachers to focus on teaching the key reading skills of:






In Maths, our curriculum is designed to provide children with the fluency skills they need to be able to work confidently when reasoning and solving problems. Children's mathematical understanding of abstract concepts is supported and deepened through the use of concrete and pictorial resources. Through regular practise and fluency tasks, our pupils are then able to apply their knowledge.

Please click on the documents below to see the progression of skills for each subject area. These show the skills that our children will be working on over the course of the year in each subject:

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