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School Council and Pupil Leadership Team

School Council

At Salfords, we believe in involving our children in every aspect of their schooling. We have an active school council who meet weekly to discuss their learning and school issues. We believe that by listening to our pupils we can adapt our teaching to suit their needs and interests, allowing them to be their best.

The school council also discusses practical issues affecting the school such as playtimes or behavior, making them truly part of the running of the school. Council members are elected from each class from Year 1 to Year 6 and take class issues to the whole school council and then feedback the things discussed at council meetings. Each meeting is chaired by a school council member with the support of Mr. Parker when needed.

Ultimately, the aims of the school council are to make sure that our school is a safe and happy place for our children. It provides an opportunity for children to have a place to voice their concerns and to suggest improvements, knowing that their ideas will be acted upon.

Pupil Leadership Team

Alongside the School Council we are also establishing a very involved Pupil Leadership Team (PLT). The PLT will  be involved in all aspects of school leadership from being involved in the interview process for new members of staff to monitoring and feeding back on lessons. As a school we recognise the powerful impact that comes from having pupils who are able to contribute at every level of school development. To become a member of the PLT children must apply for a vacancy and go through a strict interview process which is overseen by the School Council, school leaders and members of the Governing Body.

Core Leadership Team from year 5&6 are: Finlay, Emilia, Max, Sienna, Oscar, Sophia and Amy.

School Leaders from years 1-4 are: Summer, Oliver, Marina, Spencer, Zach, Elodie, Michal, Daisy, Charlene, Henri, Thomas, Tilly, Ramsey, Lilly, Sebastien and Rose