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We’re very pleased to be teaching in Year 6 this year; it's going to be an extremely busy year which is going to be a challenging but enjoyable time for us all.


New planners have been provided to ensure that each child practises their spellings. We will have a spelling test every Monday and new words will be given out too. You can keep up to date on your child's progress as the test and scores are documented in the planner. Please practise throughout the week using the Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check method.

This Term

Autumn Term 2017

Children return to school - Thursday 7 September 2017

Half Term - Monday 23 October - Friday 27 October 2017

Term Ends – Thursday 21 December 2017 (12.10 collection time)


PE is on a Friday afternoon. Please make sure that your child has a clean PE kit for that day including t-shirt, shorts, trainers and socks (especially important).


We will be looking at emotive writing this term and our first stories are The Piano and Rose Blanche, which both link in with our topic of Britain after the 1930s.


This half term we will be focussing on place value, decimals, rounding and the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Our focus will on be the ‘Deeper Dive’, which entails the children reasoning much more and being able to articulate their maths learning.


The children will be studying the workings of the eye and the different effects of light this term. They will be learning about the function of the different parts of the eye, which links in with how we see light in its many forms.


Buddhism is the main focus as the children learn more about the main tenets of this religion, information about Buddha and his teachings as well as different aspects of important Buddhist festivals.  

If you have any questions at all, please come and see us after school or in the playground.

Mr Foster and Mrs Marshall 

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