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Welcome to Salfords Primary School PTA!

The PTA is a very important and exciting part of the school life here at Salfords Primary School. One of the things that sets this school apart from many others is its sense of community where everyone works together for the ultimate good of our children.

PTAs in the past were set up to buy ‘exciting extras’ for the school, but with the cut backs in education the PTA role is now less defined.  We are purchasing and contributing towards items which directly benefit our children’s education, such as the purchasing of essential books, mini bus and outdoor learning spaces.

Many parents are surprised to learn what an important part the PTA plays in supporting the everyday function of a school so we hope the following information will give you a better idea of what we do, and what you can do to help keep our children’s school a happy and effective place to learn.

However, our role isn’t just fund raising.  Actually it’s encouraging all of us as parents and also our children to socialise with each other and to enhance the community spirit within this school!

The PTA has several roles:

• To enable regular discussion between parents and teachers on any matter relevant to the school

• To raise funds which provide important revenue for school equipment and experiences

• To promote our own community through social events and family participation

We’re a really active PTA and there’s always a fundraising activity in the pipeline just waiting for your help. Whether you have ideas for the Summer Fair or inspiration for our next event, we’d love to have you on board.  We hold regular fundraising activities for the children, the adults and families as a whole.  The children love the discos, the adults enjoy the annual adult social where we all get to let our hair down and get to know each other outside of the playground and our main family social events are the Christmas and Summer Fair which are enjoyed by children of any age. 

The PTA committee is made up of many representative parents/carers from each school year, plus the teachers. We meet regularly, and all parents, carers and teachers are welcome to come along. Meeting dates are circulated by email to all parents and teachers, as well as appearing on the calendar on the school website – Please click here for more information.

So, as you can see, we are always busy behind the scenes but we love new ideas and any time you can spare to help us is much appreciated.  The PTA is also a great place to get to know your fellow parents/carers and to feel part of the community.

If you have any questions you can always leave a message for Paul Tickner (PTA chair) at the school office or e-mail 

How can you help?

6 easy ways to raise money for your child’s school which don’t cost you a penny!  

  1. Give outgrown good condition school uniform to the school for the 2nd hand uniform sales – please just hand into the office
  2. Save old clothes, shoes, bedding, curtains etc for our “Bertie Bin” clothes recycling unit that sits in the playground – he needs to be fed –  (For more information, please see downloads at the bottom of the page)
  3. Give up the odd hour of your time to help out with some of the fundraising events - its good fun and your kids love seeing you taking part.
  4. Our PTA is a Registered Charity so we are able to raise money through Charity Matched Funding schemes The concept is that some companies have an arrangement where any money your PTA raise (i.e. the Summer Fair) could be matched by your employer. Companies may match the fundraising total for an event, or for a specific stall, or a specific figure. Usually, the employee will need to supply them with a letter from the PTA detailing the date and nature of the event, together with the total raised – we can provide this easily. It is so simple and, other than asking, nothing is needed from you.  (For more information, please see downloads at the bottom of the page)
  5. If u are sorting out your CD's/DVD's please email the to arrange dropping them to us as we can take and 'sell' them through Music Magpie. Proceeds will go to PTA
  6. Please take a look at the Amazon attached flyer to see how you can easily create money for the PTA from your normal Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile-

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