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In writing, we follow Pie Corbett's Talk4Writing approach which is designed to allow children to orally rehearse what they are going to write before committing to paper. Talk4Writing allows children to imitate any given text type, then teaches them how to innovate upon the structure before, finally, independently applying the skills they have learnt. 

The oral rehearsal of a genre is supported through pictorial story maps which use consistent actions to allow children to memorise and recite the piece of writing they are learning about. 

Where appropriate, the children's writing is cross curricular and follows the theme of their topic. So, for example, children in Year 4 write a story set in Ancient Greec, a set of instructions on how to make a Greek dish or create some poetry set in the period. 

Equally, we believe that writing does not start and end in English lessons. At Salfords we have high expectations of the presentation of writing in all subjects and our pupils follow high standards of literacy whether they are writing in maths, science or art. 

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