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At Salfords School we are committed to helping children have the best possible start in life by providing rich learning opportunities. Such opportunities are based around the development of rewarding relationships, which lead to consistently high outcomes for all children from birth to five years in our nursery settings and Reception classes. This includes close working relationships with linked family centres and multi-agency professionals.

We will ensure that the best interests and care of the children come first by providing quality, meaningful, broad and balanced learning opportunities that meet their needs and interests in a context relevant to them as unique individuals who learn in different ways and at different rates.

Children’s experiences in the early years have a major impact on future life chances. Our holistic approach will provide children with the knowledge, skills and abilities to make sense of their world. This will encourage a love of learning which will enable the children to reach their potential and become successful, confident lifelong learners.

We will achieve this through:

  • focusing on the needs of the children, their learning and care
  • enabling children to recognise their own value, that of others and their place in the world
  • encouraging exploring and risk taking
  • ensuring a responsive, adaptable approach to learning which recognises the importance of effective teacher-led and child-led opportunities
  • ensuring strengths are developed and development gaps are closed in order to raise attainment
  • focusing on the Characteristics of Effective Learning which provide the foundations for future success
  • building resilience through promoting challenge and sustained effort
  • developing children’s independence, autonomy and collaborative learning skills
  • encouraging a “growth mindset” which sees mistakes as positive learning experiences.
  • providing practical, play-based learning experiences based on quality interactions that lead to sustained understanding
  • promoting a wider curriculum which allows all children to succeed
  • ensuring practitioners’ accurate knowledge and understanding of child development, attainment and next steps in learning
  • working with parents to develop a shared, valued approach to their children’s learning
  • working collaboratively with practitioners and settings to share good practice and enhance provision

We know that, for children and parents alike, the first year at school is the most important. In reception at Salfords your children will create new friendships (some that will last forever) and continue their journey of learning. 


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