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Posted on: 21/03/2023

Salfords children visit Hever Castle

Year 2 children from our school enjoyed a trip to Hever Castle, where they were able to explore the historic building and its grounds, as well as learn about its former occupants and visit its famous maze.


Four members of staff accompanied the 29 children, including their class teacher Nicola Oake, who said: “Bullfinches had a private tour of Hever Castle and learnt about the events during the Tudor period.


“The children were fascinated by all the facts they learnt about the Tudors, and especially loved telling how Henry VIII beheaded Anne Boleyn, who used to live in the castle.”


The group had been studying ‘magnificent monarchs’ and their castles in school, and the visit on March 21 brought the topic to life for them.


“Some of the children had only seen castles in pictures and books, so it was lovely to see how fascinated they were,” continued Miss Oake. “It was also incredibly heart-warming to see how well Year 2 listened to the tour guides and how many facts they had absorbed when it came to writing an account of their day.”


The day also included a maths trail around the castle grounds, and the chance to experience Hever’s popular, yew-hedge maze.


“The class said they loved racing in groups around the maze, trying to beat one another,” added Miss Oake. “They also loved the massive adventure playground they had a chance to play on at the end of the visit.


“Some of our children from Salfords Primary School come from disadvantaged areas and communities, and many cannot afford to go on holiday or out for special trips. This trip allowed them to have the experience of seeing a castle in person. It will be a memory they will cherish and think about for a long time.”